4 Books To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

Did you know it is extremely difficult to find Christmas Books?

Oh sure there are plenty of books that take place during Christmas, or maybe a children’s story that has 3 pages worth of words about Christmas, or the hundreds of holiday special movies, but there are very few books that to its core are all about Santa, the holiday, and which you can invest your time into.

I found that positively scandalous. So over the course of a year I found and read 4 very Christmas Books. Four amazing, sucks you in and won’t let go, just one more chapter before bed, kinda books.

So before we officially head into December, here are some great Christmas reading you should check out. I have provided a snippet from each book to see if they are to your taste but most should be available from your local library to read for free.


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Written by Terry Pratchett

The genius that is Terry Pratchett put together one of the most enjoyable books in the Discworld Series and also a bit of a bitting commentary of the “Traditions” that are often associated with a Christmas Holiday.

The story has the character Death needing to take up being The Hogfather (the Discworld’s version of Father Christmas) because he has been killed (as much as you can kill a god). While this is happening, it’s up to Death’s granddaughter Susan to find out what happened to the Hogfather and save Christmas…I mean…Hogswatch.

CoM books for Christmas 1 (Hogfather)



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Krampus- The Yule Lord

Written by BROM

What would you do if you found out that Santa was actually the bad guy? How would you feel if you found out all those toys and magic that he has and delivers was paid for by blood? And what would you do if you found the Yule Lord Krampus locked away for trying to stop it? From the author of “The Child Theif” comes an amazing novel by Brom in which the reader discovers there is always darkness and blood just below the light and those “Monsters” are not always the ones with horns!

CoM books for Christmas 3- Krampus




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The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause

Written by L. Frank Baum

From the same author that brought you ‘The Wizard of Oz’ comes the story of how Santa Clause became the jolly old man delivering presents. It is a cute tale that would make perfect bedtime reading for any young boys and girls which combines good vs evil, overcoming adversity, and immortal beings that has help Santa throughout his life. When picking up the book you do need to remember it was written in 1902, meaning the final chapter obviously doesn’t reflect today’s modern world but for it’s time it would have been a perfect explanation about how the jolly man delivers and gets toys made.

CoM books for Christmas 2- Life and adventures of Santa clause




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Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

Written by William Joyce and Laura Geringer

What if the Santa you know actually started off an a Russian rouge thief? Now imagine in an act of heroism he saves some children and gets taken in by a wizard to defeat an evil king called Pitch who wishes to take all the dreams from the world and replace them with nightmares. This series by William Joyce is what later would become the movie Rise of the Guardians. It is extremely well written with some beautiful illustrations but more importantly, very short. Don’t let that discourage you though because it is the first book in the series and you will definitely be wanting to read the second one.

CoM books for Christmas 4- Nicholas st north


Are there any other Christmas books you love to read? Let us know by leaving a comment :-)


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