CoM Featured Image- Simpsons
What happened to the Simpsons?   Have you watched the latest episode of the Simpsons? They are currently up to their 28th season and are worth over a billion dollars thanks to merchandise. It also sucks!   Ok that was an opinion and is completely subjective, but even if you […]

What Happened To The Simpsons?

CoM Featured Image- Christmas Books
Did you know it is extremely difficult to find Christmas Books? Oh sure there are plenty of books that take place during Christmas, or maybe a children’s story that has 3 pages worth of words about Christmas, or the hundreds of holiday special movies, but there are very few books […]

4 Books To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

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You know what we need more of? We need more cute babies dressed as geeky pop culture icons! Sure when Comic Con comes around it is easy to put them in a costume, but what about the other 363 days of the year? Well we here at Coins of McGuffin […]

Outfits for Geeky Babies (And Where To Buy Them)!

Card098_Skulduggery 1
Brand new, never released before, here is a Fandom Card just added to the TCG This month’s new card is: Franchise: Skulduggery Pleasant Fandom Name: Skullheaded Minions A brief explanation about the franchise and fandom: Following the story of an undead sorcerer and detective, Skulduggery Pleasant is a series of […]

✩ NEW FANDOM CARD ✩ – Skullheaded Minions (from Skulduggery ...