How to play the TCG

Binder for Cards

Here you will find the rules for the Coins of McGuffin TCG. The starter deck which contains the ‘coins’ in which to play the game, booster packs or individual cards can be bought from our shop. However you can also get the cards by supporting us through Patreon and you can start building your deck now!


Game objective

The purpose of the game is to either collect all the coins or have your opponent have no cards remaining in their hand


Card Energy Points and Coins

Some cards are more powerful with certain coins which correlate how relevant a fandom is with certain groups. For example, the Cooking Coin would not be very relevant with the Trekker card as they do not have a lot of things in common, but the Trekker card is most powerful with a TV coin and still powerful with a movie coin. These are known as Strongest and Secondary coins and give more energy points to each card.

  • Cards by themselves have 10 energy points
  • Every card is most powerful with one specific coin & when that coin is played, gives the card 20 extra energy points
  • Card when used with secondary coin is 10 extra energy points
  • Card with any other coin is 5 extra energy points
  • The following coins are able to be used with any card and gives 15 energy points, regardless if they are on the card or not:
    • Cosplayer, Fan, Reviewer, Writing, Collecting
  • The Watcher Coin gives 25 energy points
  • You can ‘buy’ a card for 2 coins on your turn

Scord Card- Points explaination


Whatever number is rolled on a dice, multiply it by 5 to calculate to total hit of energy points

1=5, 2=10, 3=15, 4=20, 5=25, 6=30



You can only use a maximum of two coins per card in use



Beginners: When sharing a single deck, the players draw from one card pile

Experienced: When each player have individual decks, each opponent shuffles the other’s deck and players draw from their own. Each player must have the same number of cards in each deck.



Rules with 2 Players


Every player draws 10 cards. All coins put into small bag.

  • A player can have a maximum of 15 cards or 10 coins at any one time


Player 1 pulls out 1 coin, the Player 2 does the same. Repeat till each player has 5 coins each

  • Ensure the other player doesn’t see your coin


Each player rolls the dice, highest roller goes first


Each player puts 2 Cards on the table and chooses which one he would like to attack with, the other as reserve. Then they choose a coin for the card and put it on the attacking card.

  • They do not need to put a coin on a card but it cannot be changed over since it has less than 10 points
  • They can a coin on a card during their turn, for a maximum of two coins.

Playing the CoM TCG- Figure 1.1

Player 1 rolls dice and whatever number (multiplied by 5) comes up is how many points are taken off


When a player rolls a “6” they have the choice of drawing a new coin from the bag in lew of a turn.

  • If they have the maximum of 10 coins, they can put one back in the bag and then redraw. If they happen to pick the same coin they do not get to redraw

When a player rolls a “1” they have the option of drawing a new card in lew of a turn.

  • If they already have the maximum of 15 cards, they can discard one and draw a new one.


A player can change their card in play or a coin in use in lew of a turn until the card loses 10 points or more, then it is stuck in play till it or an opponent’s card is destroyed.

  • Once a card has been withdrawn, the next time it is in play it has full points


Once a player has lost all points, the other player gets those coins in play for their collection and the other player’s card is discarded. If a player rolls a higher number but the card has less than that in points remaining, the card is discard and does not affect any other cards.


The reserve card not in use cannot be changed until the attacking card has been destroyed and the reserve card comes into play


The reserve card now becomes the attacking card and the player puts another card in the reserve place. The player decides if they want to put a coin on it and rolls the dice. The player cannot change over the card till after its first turn


Once a player has lost all their cards from their deck or loses all their coins, the game is over.



Rules with 3-5 players

Same rules as with two players, except the highest roller goes first and turns are to his right.

Players can attack any other player.

Once all coins have been given, a player can only get more coins by defeating other players

A player can put a coin on their card at any point before someone rolls the dice, however depending on how many points they have, the alliances formed and the amount of people ahead of their own turn it may be a risky move.


Real Coins vs Cardboard Coins

If using Official CoM coins instead of the provided cardboard coins, there has to be an even amount for each player.

For example- if 2 players, you have to have only even number of coins so drawing is fair, 2,4,6,8,10…22, or 25

If 3 players, a minimum of 3 coins, then only 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 or 25

If 4 players, a minimum of 4 coins, then only 8, 12, 16, 20 or 25

If 5 players, a minimum of 5 coins, then only 10, 15, 20 or 25


Playing for keeps

If playing for keeps, every card destroyed is given to the player, as is every coin collected.


Still a little confused? Watch our video tutorial