So some people have been asking questions, so here are some answers!


What is the Coins of McGuffin?

The Coins of McGuffin is a web series about two characters, Dave and Jon, as they attempt to collect coins which represent the fandoms and try to unite them all. Some episodes are animated; others are in web comic form. We also have the Coins of McGuffin Trading Card Game which uses the cards in the series.


Where can I watch it?

Right here


Why are only 2 episodes animated?

Because animation is expensive yo! And despite contrary belief, our money tree didn’t bear fruit this year! However thanks to our amazing patrons on Patreon, we are able to give a new page each month.


Patreon? What’s That?

See video here


So how do you play this trading card game?

We have put all the rules on (funnily enough) the part where it says “How To Play The TCG


I want those cards!

Well good news, you can buy them in our shop!

If you are a collector you can buy individual cards, or if you want o deck build the game, you can buy boosters and the starter packs.


Hey! That is not what that fandom is called!

Due to trademarks and copyright we have to be very careful in how we draw and name our cards. Some fandom names have the trademark in them (like Star Wars Fans) so we have to create a new name that doesn’t infringe. In other words we don’t want to be sued!


Hey! Have you got (insert fandom) card?

We are constantly thinking of new fandoms but if it’s not on our store, we don’t have it yet. However you could support us on Patreon and one of those reward tiers gives you the option of getting a card made.


Patreon again?! Why are you plugging that so much?!

Guys gotta eat! Plus your support helps grow the show!


Hey I bought a starter deck and I noticed a spelling mistake!

Thanks for letting me know! I have never been a good speller but I did try, anything spotted will be adjusted in the next edition


I also found a grammar mistake..

Next edition!


There were a few…

Bite me!


Who are the people involved?

All the people can be found here


You seem somewhat interesting, where are you socials?

Right at the top and bottom of the page!


I have something really deep and profound to say to you. How can I contact you?

Twitter and Facebook are the best ways. If it is really profound I will provide an email to contact further!



Why not!


I don’t want to pay for shipping! Can I buy them directly from you?

Unless you live in Western Australia, probably not. We do frequently have stalls and pop culture expos and we update on our socials.


Wait! You are in Australia?! Are you going to put another shrimp on the Barbie?!

I hate you!