Fandom Card Highlight- Deadites

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Franchise: Evil Dead

Fandom Name: Deadites

Type of media: Film, TV Series, Comics

What’s it about: The Evil Dead is a movie by Sam Raimi about a group of friends who go to a cabin in the woods and accidentally release evil creatures known as Deadites from the book The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Our main protagonist Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is the only one left standing and becomes the focus of the all the following franchises. With amazing practical effects but a fairly cheesy setup, the movie received positive reviews even getting a mention by Stephen King. Three movies followed with Ash taking on and fighting the Deadites in various settings with a chainsaw hand and sawed off shotgun. It has also spawned a TV series that picks off after the movies and a comic book run which also see Ash vs Freddy vs Jason.


Where can you check it out (Officially):

The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness- The films appear on Netflix from time to time

Evil Dead (2013)- The films appear on Netflix from time to time

Evil Dead (TV Series)- Starz

Army of Darkness Series (Comics )- Check your local library or comic book store



Where to start:

While the films are now considerably older, it is recommended you start with the original Evil Dead and it subsequent sequels. After that, you have a choice as to where you would like to continue.

The comics do continue from the end of Army of Darkness but are more fantastical, however if you want to see Ash vs Freddy Krrueger, or team up with Xena Warrior Princess then you will get a great amount of enjoyment.

If however you want to continue down the road of the movies, check out the TV series which sees an older ash have to pick up his chainsaw with a new younger team to fight against the Deadites again.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 28

First Coin: Film

Secondary Coin: Comics

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