Fandom Card Highlight- Star Wars

There are some amazing shows, movies, books, comics and a whole bunch of other things out there, check out this week’s Fandom Card.



Franchise: Star Wars

Fandom Name: Force Wielders

Type of media: Movies, TV, Novels, Comics

What’s it about:A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, an ancient order of peace was wiped out by an Empire. These peace keepers were called Jedi and used a power called The Force. The Empire also has those that use The Force but The Dark Side and will stop at nothing till the entire universe is subjected. The galaxies only hope lies in a farm boy whose father was a powerful Jedi and so begins a quest to find the rebel alliance and stop the Empire.


Where can you check it out (Officially):

The Star Wars Movies- Netflix or check your local library

Star Wars- The Clone Wars- Netflix

Star Wars Rebels- DisneyXD


Where to start:

Because a lot of the Extended Universe has officially been removed from cannon, it is much easier to get started. It It is very important that when starting out with Star Wars that you watch A New Hope (ep 4) and continue with episode 5 & 6. Once done, start Episode 1 & 2, continue with The Clone Wars, Episode 3 and finally with Rebels.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 10

First Coin: Film

Secondary Coin: TV

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What is your favorite part in the Star Wars Universe? What was the worse? Let us know in the comments below :-)

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