Fandom Card Highlight- Warhammer

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Franchise: Warhammer

Fandom Name: Warhams


Type of media: Tabletop Game

What’s it about: Warhammer 40,000 is a tabletop game which used miniature figurines to launch campaigns against opponents. You can play as soldiers or aliens of which there are hundreds of varieties and expansions. The appeal of the game comes from not only the complexity of the skirmishes but also the creating and painting of the models. These things are considered works of art and can be sold in upwards of $130 a piece.They are produced by Games Workshop which have stores all over the world.


Where can you check it out (Officially):

Games Workshop

Your local games store


Where to start:

There are two ways to start in Warhammer: You can either find an army that you think looks cool and you would enjoy painting and collecting, OR you can do research into the lore and statistics of which armies perform better against various groups. It depends if you are more of a model maker or player. The best suggestion is to go into any Games Workshop in your local area and see some of the painted works, see a couple of campaigns done, and speak to the staff.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 76

First Coin: Modeling

Secondary Coin: Collecting

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Have you ever played Warhammer? What army did you start with? Let us know in the comments below :-)

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