Fandom Card Highlight- Welcome To Night Vale

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Franchise: Welcome To Night Vale

Fandom Name: Desert Listeners


Type of media: Podcast, Book

What’s it about:

If you are a fan of the old HP Lovecraft books, old new serials, and radio plays then you probably have already discovered the series “Welcome to Night Vale”. It is a podcast released on YouTube since 2012 and has a single narrator doing news announcements, various advertising, and interesting tales about the strange going ons in the little desert town of Night Vale.

The show creator Jason Fink said he wanted to ‘create a town where all the conspiracy theories are true’ and the residents just go with it.

The show also has a spot known as “and now the weather” where a piece of music by an independent artist is featured and is a great source of discovering new bands. They also have a novel based on the goings on of the town which has proved very popular as well.

With hooded faceless figures, alien abductions, dinosaurs, secret police, and monsters of all shapes, each podcast is both entrancing and amusing.


Where can you check it out (Officially):

Welcome to Night Vale Podcast- Official Website (with links to their iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and More)


Where to start:

Start at the beginning and work your way forwards. In theory you can start on any episode but when reoccurring characters are mentioned it helps to have some context.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 101

First Coin: Writing

Secondary Coin: Music

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What is your favorite episode of Welcome to Night Vale and why?Let us know in the comments below :-)

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