Fandom Card Highlight- Wonder Woman

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Franchise: Wonder Woman

Fandom Name: Themyscirans

Type of media: Comic, TV, Animation, Movies

What’s it about: 

Princess Diana, known to the world as Wonder Woman is a superhero demigoddess and warrior princess to the Amazonian people. Joining and fighting alongside Superman and Batman, together they formed what would become The Justice League. She has stared in a multitude of media including the 1975 TV series starring Lynda Carter, a multitude of comic books included ones written by Gail Simone and Greg Rucka, and various animated movies and TV series such as Justice League.

Wonder Woman is a symbol of femininity, confidence, and positive influence for women everywhere. She has also been an icon for the LGBTQ community as it was always hinted (and recently confirmed by her writers) that she is in fact bisexual.


Where can you check it out (Officially):

Wonder Woman (Comic)- Check your local library or comic book shop

Wonder Woman (TV Series)- Google to find episodes

Wonder Woman (Animated)- Netflix

Wonder Woman (Film)- To be released in June 2017

Various DC Animated Universe Shows and Movies (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Super Friends, DC Super Hero Girls)- Netflix


Where to start:

Being a comic book character who was around in the Golden Age of comics, Wonder Woman has a lot of backstory and media to go through. If you are just starting out and have never really read or watched any of her material, we recommend starting with the 2016 comic series DC Rebirth written by Greg Rucka. In the first 12 issues, the ‘odd numbered’ issues relate to a story happening in the present whereas the ‘even numbered’ issues are all about her past. This probably helps when needing to learn about the character while also having a story continue and is a great way to see how her past influences her present.

If however you would prefer to watch something, check out either the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie or watch the animated TV series Justice League which features her along side Batman, Superman, The Flash and Martian Manhunter.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 35

First Coin: Comics

Secondary Coin: TV

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Where did you first hear of Wonder Woman? What is your favorite incarnation of Diana? Let us know in the comments below :-)


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