Outfits for Geeky Babies (And Where To Buy Them)!

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You know what we need more of? We need more cute babies dressed as geeky pop culture icons!

Sure when Comic Con comes around it is easy to put them in a costume, but what about the other 363 days of the year? Well we here at Coins of McGuffin have complied some awesome outfits that show how proud a geek mum and dad are too.

We have tried to avoid the generic prints of “The Avengers” or “Batman” striking a pose but tried to go for more clever outfits, some even subtle, so those in the know will comment and like.

If you decide you must have it for your little geek in training, click on the picture to be taken to the seller’s website.



Girls kick ass and we need more female’s aspiring to be superheros. Here are two designs we thought are a must have for any young ladies.

GeekyBabies-female DCGeekyBabies- Fight like a girl


Not one to pass up a good pun, and a big fan of Marvel’s more complex villains, this onesie for babies gave us a chuckle



For ones who just want to keep it simple, B is for Batman, S is for Superman, and G is for Green Lantern

GeekyBabies- Building blocks



We might STILL be bitter about Firefly being taken off the air but if there is one line which everybody remembers, it’s this one which is perfect for all children including babies!

GeekyBabies- Firefly Dinosuar

Star Trek

If you feel you need to get your baby into Star Trek yesterday, a uniform is a good place to start…however if you feel your daughter should have a star ship of her own, I recommend one of these shirts

GeekyBabies- Star Trek princess GeekyBabies- Star Trek Uniform



Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is not exactly what you might call “kid friendly”, however whether you are a fans of the books or series, there is no denying the cleverness of these designs.

GeekyBabies- GoT DragonsGeekyBabies- GoT Nightwatch




You can go anywhere and get a shirt with Ash and Pickachu on it, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to be Ash, we want to be a Pokemon Master…or if you have higher aspirations, a Gym Leader!

GeekyBabies- Pokemon


Every dad thinks their little girl is his princess, so if you have a dad who loves his videogames, this is the shirt for you! It’s simple but sweet.

GeekyBabies- Gamer Princess


Harry Potter

If you haven’t managed to summon a patronus yet, or are still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts, maybe you aren’t a wizard. However you little one might be, so be sure to get them one of these cute Harry Potter style shirts

GeekyBabies- Harry Potter otter GeekyBabies- Harry Potter mischief


Star Wars

The Force may be strong with you, as will your fashion sense if you happen to pick up one of these items for your babies.

First off is one which every child must learn: That Hans Shot First. Without this vital piece of information an entire education can be ruined. Next is the ever adorable but very wise Yoda saying which definitely applies to small children. And finally is just a good dad joke

GeekyBabies- starwars 2 GeekyBabies- starwars yoda GeekyBabies- starwars hans


Of course there are so many more fandoms, and crossovers of fandoms, and just general geeky attire to dress your little ones in. let us know in the comments of the geekiest thing you have (or plan to) put your baby in :-)


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