Meet The Team

As much as we wish we could wave a magic wand and everything just happened, reality requires the help of some talented individuals. These are the people who make Coins of McGuffin happen.


David Green- The Madman Behind the Genius!

Photo of David 1David is the creator, writer, director, producer, actor, slave driver, and punishment consultant for the Coins of McGuffin. He has put his fingers in all of the pies (causing a great many diners to send it back to the kitchen) and helped bring the team together for this project. He likes to think of himself as the Nick Fury of his Avengers, whereas the rest probably refer to him more as Taskmaster!






Jonathan Green- The Brother of the Madman

Jonathan green 2Jon is David’s brother and he apologies in advance. He voices one of the main characters and also helps David write some of the scripts, mainly ensuring his jokes are actually funny and not the hog drivel he would produce if left to his own devices.






David Rose- The Magic Man!

David RoseDR’s job is pretty simple…make it work! So while Dave creates these wonderful scripts, DR’s job is to storyboard it, animate it, sync it, edit it, and also put up with the changes he makes along the way. He is also responsible for the artwork on all the cards that you see both in the show and in the trading card game. If DR suddenly died, David would have to find and beat up Death as there is a deadline DR needs to meet and he will not accept a little thing like rigormortis as an excuse. He is also the owner of Happy Dragon Pictures where he does other remarkable work.




Patrick Simpson- The Music Man

Patrick SimpsonPatrick is responsible for building the atmosphere throughout the episodes. He came up with the opening song and some of the great music scores in Episode 2. David once asked how he managed to come up with each new song and Patrick replied lots of hard work and sacrifices to Cthulhu.




Marsha Adair- The Pretty One!

Marsha Adair PhotoIn this sausage fest of talent we realized none of us were going to be winning any beauty contests, so after searching talent sites and many auditions, Marsha came in to be our host for the Coins of McGuffin Fandom Highlight series. She knows her fandoms and gives as good as she gets…she’s like one of the boys…only she isn’t…cause she has boobs!