✩ NEW FANDOM CARD ✩ – Seekers of the Ultimate Question (from Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy)

Brand new, never released before, here is a Fandom Card just added to the TCG

This month’s new card is:


Franchise: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

Fandom Seekers of the Ultimate Question


A brief explanation about the franchise and fandom:

Created by the hilarious Douglas Adams, HG2G originally aired as a radio play in Britian back in 1978. It was later adapted to all the other mediums including a stage show, novels, comic books, a TV series and a feature film. It starts with the Earth being destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass and the last surviving man Arthur Dent is rescued by his best friend Ford Prefect who turns out to be an alien. What follows is adventure after misadventure with clever cometary and a quest to discover the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 109

First Coin: Books

Secondary Coin: Film

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