✩ NEW FANDOM CARD ✩ – 00 Agent (from James Bond)

Brand new, never released before, here is a Fandom Card just added to the TCG

This month’s new card is:


Franchise: James Bond

Fandom Name: 00 Agents


A brief explanation about the franchise and fandom:

Ian Fleming titular character, James Bond is known as 007, a secret agent for the British Government who has a license to kill. He has been featured in twelve novels by Fleming and another eight officially authorised books by different authors after his death.

Bond was also famously adapted to film and as of 2016 has had twenty four films made. He has been played by various actors including Sean Connery and Daniel Craig.


Trading Card Stats:

Card #: 97

First Coin: Film

Secondary Coin: Books

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Who is your favorite version of James Bond and why? Let us know in the comments below :-)

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