✩ NEW FANDOM CARD ✩ – Webslingers (From Spiderman)

Brand new, never released before, here is a Fandom Card just added to the TCG

This month’s new card is:


Franchise: Spiderman

Fandom Name: Webslingers


A brief explanation about the franchise and fandom:

The character of Spiderman has gone and continues to go through many different iterations; however it all started in the 1960’s. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first created Peter Parker, a super smart teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and suddenly has the power to climb up walls, super strength, and a sense that alerts him about danger. Peter also created ‘web slingers’ which are webbing that shoots out of his wrists that helps him swing from building to building and hence forth he was known to the world as Spiderman.

Since then, the persona of Spiderman has been worn by many different people and had various spin offs and has been featured in comics, cartoons, anime, Toku, and various movies. Most recently Spiderman has again been rebooted by Marvel for its Cinematic Universe where he was featured in ‘Captain America: Civil War” and his own movie “Spiderman Homecoming”


Trading Card Stats:

Card #:96

First Coin: Comics

Secondary Coin: Animation

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