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So the next coin in the quest that Dave and Jon need to collect is the Reviewer Coin. As such, it seemed like a good opportunity to discuss some of the great reviewers you may not have heard of. There is something for everyone regardless what kind of content or […]

8 Reviewers To Watch in 2017

There are some amazing shows, movies, books, comics and a whole bunch of other things out there, check out this week’s Fandom Card.     Franchise: Sailor Moon Fandom Name: Moonies   Type of media: Manga, Anime and Live Action TV What’s it about: Pretty Solider Sailor Moon originally was […]

Fandom Card Highlight- Sailor Moon

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  Damn it Neil Gaiman, you have ruined me! Every time I pick up (or sometimes listen) to one of you books you suck me in and keep me held under till I stop struggling. My family’s conversations can’t hold my attention, the TV remains off, my wife puts on […]

Damn it Neil Gaiman, your books have ruined me!

Brand new, never released before, here is a Fandom Card just added to the TCG This month’s new card is: Franchise: Ace Attorney Fandom Name: Finger Pointers   A brief explanation about the franchise and fandom: If you ever wanted to try your hand at being a lawyer or an […]

✩ NEW FANDOM CARD ✩ – Finger Pointers (from Ace ...

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Coins of McGuffin- Episode 3, Page 6     Save Save Save Save Save

Episode 3, Page 6

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  2016 kinda sucked for a lot of people, so let’s put it all behind us and focus on 2017! For the past couple of months I have been busy preparing and writing content for this website which will be released every Monday for the entire year. It is high […]

Coins of McGuffin 2017 Release Schedule

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  So if you have found yourself here, it means you want to see what adventure Dave and Jon get up to next… Well it’s coming, but I hope you like waiting!   Due to not receiving enough funding from our Kickstarter, we cannot continue the series as an animation. […]

Where’s Episode 3?