Where’s Episode 3?


Coin_Cosplay (YT)

So if you have found yourself here, it means you want to see what adventure Dave and Jon get up to next…

Well it’s coming, but I hope you like waiting!


Due to not receiving enough funding from our Kickstarter, we cannot continue the series as an animation. However due to the support we get through Patreon, we are able to continue it as a web comic.


The average page costs $30 to draw. We currently get $40pm from loyal supporters of the show. That means every month you will get a new page of the episode. The episode itself has about 12-14 pages.


It’s like reading the Harry Potter books one chapter every few weeks. Sure you will get there in the end but the wait may drive you insane. However if we can get up to $120pm, it means you get a NEW EPISODE every 65 days! So if you like the sound of that, click the link to go to our Patreon page!

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So what happens now?


To ensure there is still content, once a month, Marsha Adair and I will host a podcast looking at all things geeky. Patrons and others will still be able to get their Cards, and we will be focusing on the TCG as another source of funding. Buying the cards is another way to support the show and best chance of seeing more made.


Head to our Patreon and get cool rewards.




Thanks again for all your support! And may the plot always be convenient for you!